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Middle school students are entering puberty, and earth-shaking changes are taking place physically, mentally, and psychologically. Therefore, parents need to impart life skills to secondary school students so that they can improve themselves more and more. So what skills are appropriate for this age group? Please refer to the content of this article with pgddttramtau.edu.vn.

What are the psychological and physical changes the child enters secondary school?

12-15 years old is the transition period of children to adolescence, children become more sensitive and self-interested. Children entering secondary school will have obvious physical and psychological changes when entering this stage. Special:

  • The physiological and psychological changes of secondary school students: children will grow taller, the skeletal system begins to complete, etc. In addition, the child’s nervous system is also comprehensively developed. In particular, children also have changes in endocrine glands and puberty.

  • Psychological changes of secondary school students: their intelligence, rich imagination and creative language ability began to gradually improve. The emotional life and vibrations begin to manifest, the child becomes more sensitive to the love between a man and a woman. Consciousness and moral character are fully formed.

Secondary school students have formed their intelligence, so they have the ability to analyze and synthesize relatively complex. In addition, the obvious changes in psychology also make it difficult for children to control their emotions, not have self-awareness of emotions and behaviors.

Therefore, the education of life skills for secondary school students is very necessary for parents. Let these students perceive things more clearly.

Middle school students need to pay attention to life skills

Stemming from the above reasons, Ngo Khong has come up with methods to teach necessary life skills for secondary school students. Parents should know how to properly use these life skills for middle school students.

According to the research results, students at this age have initially formed basic life skills. At first, children simply learn these life skills from their parents and teachers. At this age, children begin to realize what life skills are. Children will use life skills suitable for middle school students based on their own experiences and psychological qualities.

independence skills

Self-reliance means doing things independently without any other influence. Parents need to impart life skills to these middle school students because they are so important to their development.

As children get older, they have more complex perceptions. Therefore, parents do not need to guide their children little by little, but just gently remind them. Let your child do things on his own. Parents should not help their children but explain to them why they have to. This way children will understand that work is being done for the benefit of the children.

Things children can do on their own include clearing the desk, picking up clothes, doing homework on their own, etc.

Teaching secondary school children communication skills - children's ability to be independent (source: online collection)

behavioral communication skills

Children’s communication skills at this stage are not just polite greetings. Children need to be more conscious and confident in all communication and behavior situations. Knowing this, children will develop better relationships. Help them maintain purity, a healthy spirit, and strong relationships.

Parents can take their children to life skills classes in middle school to learn communication and behavior skills. Or children can participate in extracurricular activities to increase communication skills. Especially at home, parents also need to have proper communication skills with people. Let children see society more objectively.

how to control emotions

Children in their teenage years are often rebellious. Children want to express their inner personality and their big inner “me”. As a result, children often have difficulty controlling themselves and act impulsively without thinking.

Therefore, parents should teach middle school students life skills as a way to manage their emotions. First, explain to your child what emotions he or she has. Avoid situations where children misinterpret their feelings. Then guide the child in the right direction to deal with the situation.

Then the child will begin to understand how he feels and express himself. Children will then learn to take ownership and control over themselves and avoid negative thoughts and behaviors.

Life Skills for Middle School Students-Teaching Children How to Control Emotions (Source: Online Collection)

time management

Entering the middle school stage, at this time, the amount of learning for children increases a lot. Therefore, having a tight schedule will help children be more active. This is a skill parents need to teach their children to practice from the smallest habits. For example, the habit of being on time, following a reasonable and scientific schedule, etc. will help children complete assignments effectively and not be late.

Teaching Children Reasonable Time Management - Essential Life Skills for Middle School Students (Source: Web Collection)

cut down the costs

As mentioned in middle school, children tend to be individualistic and have a great sense of self. Therefore, it is very easy for the child to compete with his friends on everything. Parents should teach their children the value of money from an early age. Don’t buy what kids want, parents need:

  • Explain to children the difference between want and need. For example, what you want is a beautiful toy, milk tea, … and the child’s needs are food, school books, … then educate the child, if these needs cannot be paid for with money, then don’t. can use them. My desire is not to own nor affect my life.

  • Explain to children where people come from to give them money. Money earned from the sweat of your parents’ efforts.

  • To teach children how to use money wisely, parents should help children understand the value of saving. What are the benefits of saving for you and your family?

  • Then, with practice, parents can come up with ideas to help their kids save pocket money.

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against violence

According to recent statistics, incidents of school violence in secondary schools are increasing year by year. The main reason is due to jealousy and envy among students. And psychologically, the family doesn’t care,…

Recognizing the seriousness of the incident, parents and schools need to take effective preventive measures. Specifically, parents should listen to their children and create open family relationships. From there, children can confide in their families if they recognize violent behavior. Families will have ways to deal with the situation to avoid school violence.

Another way to teach children to deal with violence is to teach them kindness, mutual respect and good manners. Both the school and the parents must set an example for the child, teaching the child how to behave in life.

Teaching Children To Stay Away From Violence - Teaching Middle School Students Life Skills (Source: Web Collection)

observation and evaluation skills

Teaching life skills to secondary school students through observation and assessment to help them increase their observation and commenting skills in life. Observation and evaluation help children increase interaction in communication.

  • Observation will help children see each other’s thoughts through gestures and movements. From there, children will know what their opponents are doing to take appropriate actions.

  • After observing, the child assesses the current situation and takes appropriate action. As a way to moderate speech, behavior and emotions,…

As a result, children learn to evaluate and observe in life, learning helps them grasp the values ​​​​in life. Lay a solid foundation for growth.

position yourself

Parents are not always with their children and do everything for them. Then growing up there are many turns and the child does not know where to go. Parents are currently teaching middle school students the life skills of self-direction.

Parents, please help me focus on the things I like, maybe I like painting, singing, computer… then you will guide me to pursue a career that is suitable for what I love. Only in this way can the child determine his own direction. Follow their passion from an early age and help them achieve success faster.

Only with the right personal orientation can children make a more effective study plan. Because then children know they need to develop the right knowledge. So that they do not have to waste time and money to learn every profession.

Self-Directed Teaching (Source: Online Collection)

How to discuss and argue in front of a crowd

Parents teach middle school students life skills by encouraging them to discuss and debate in front of a crowd to help them become more confident. Good communication and reasoning in front of a crowd can improve a child’s ability to communicate and know how to interact with an audience. Children need to listen to those around them before they can reason.

Parents should ask questions and discuss them with the family. Parents should listen to their children’s arguments and discuss the issue together. At this time, the baby will open up more in communication with people.

Communicating and debating will help students be more confident when presenting in class. Discuss together in group lessons. This will lay the foundation for the child’s future development.

Teach children how to speak and argue in front of a crowd (Source: Web collection)

What parents and teachers need to do to teach their children the best skills

Raising teenagers is the responsibility of parents. Not only that, teachers also play an important role in the formation of children’s consciousness. But what should parents and teachers do to teach life skills to middle school students in the best way? Helping children have the opportunity to develop comprehensively and safely. Here are some good parenting principles that parents and teachers need to keep in mind:

always by your side

As children grow older, especially middle school students, their filial piety towards their parents will decrease. Parents should change their minds and be determined to learn things around their children. From there, parents will be willing to accompany their children, gradually children will listen to their parents. Just because parents know themselves, don’t impose stereotypes to force children to do so.

Parents are always with their children, teaching them the best (Source: Web collection)

teach patience

Don’t let your parents get angry and scold your child for a small mistake. If they do so, the child will become more afraid and disobey their parents. Rushing into a temper can cause your behavior to spiral out of control.

If the child is stubborn and disobedient, parents should keep quiet. Ask the child and parent to stay calm and reassure them. Once you’ve both calmed down, talk to your child privately. Don’t say vulgar words to your child, but ask interesting questions. Things like “What’s wrong with you? Can I tell your parents?”

Try to observe the child and find out why he is so stubborn. Parents need to be patient to control the situation and properly educate their children.

What should parents do for the most comprehensive development of their children (source: online collection)

Be a role model for children

The people closest to a child from the moment they realize they are parents. Therefore, parents are the shining examples for their children to study and follow. This means that if parents have a good lifestyle and morals, your children will be better off. Children will always consider their parents as a shining example for their children to follow and obey.

Therefore, parents should behave properly in front of their children. Parents should not ask their children to work hard, but demonstrate that they really work hard and explain what hard work is.

Set an example for children to learn, but parents should also lead their children to do the same. For example, cooking together, cleaning together, etc. will make children understand their parents better and respect them more and more. Because parents can do everything at home.

I hope that Mr. pgddttramtau.edu.vn will share and teach life skills for middle school students to their parents. Hopefully, parents can find a life skills course suitable for their children. In addition to the above life skills, parents can also let their children participate in social activities and life skills classes so that children can develop comprehensively. Do not forget to pay attention to pgddttramtau.edu.vn Brother, you can update more new parenting knowledge.

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