Mách mẹ top 10 sữa ăn dặm cho bé nhập ngoại tốt nhất

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Weaning milk is considered an essential food source for babies in the early stages of weaning. Currently, on the market, there are many types of milk powder for babies in this age group such as infant formula for babies allergic to milk protein, powdered milk for babies who drink night milk… Let’s take a look at the top 10 easily. ! -Use imported pgddttramtau.edu.vn milk powder!

Xibao Yeast Milk Powder

Nutrient content

The first baby formula that pgddttramtau.edu.vn wants to introduce to parents is the Xibao brand. This infant formula contains 40% infant formula. In addition, this ingredient also contains cornstarch and rice core, fiber and essential trace elements including: iron, vitamin D, calcium, iodine, essential vitamins and minerals.

benefits for children

The advantage of using this powder is that the manufacturer provides many different flavors, which is convenient for parents to choose the right type for each baby’s taste. In doing so, the dough will be smooth, with no lumps, just a little thicker than milk and easy for your baby to eat. Especially for babies just starting to eat solids.

The taste of weaning milk is very fragrant, similar to milk, so it is easy for the baby to cooperate at first. In addition, the prebiotic ingredient has the effect of stimulating the intestines, protecting the child’s digestive system and allowing the child to absorb it better.

Children should use

Babies just starting to eat solids from 4 months old can eat Hipp’s condensed milk.

Price: 127,000 VND/250g.

Xibao organic weaning milk powder

Infant formula milk.  (Hong Huu)

Nutrient content

Therefore, the composition of this milk is completely composed of grains of natural organic origin.

benefits for children

Because the ingredients are 100% derived from natural grains, this is the perfect choice for mothers with milk allergies. In addition, hot baby milk won’t be lumpy or dry, and has a rich, easy-to-eat flavor.

Mothers can choose the right type of weaning powder for their baby depending on the age and preferences of the baby: Cereal flour is made from rice flour, so it is very suitable for babies who have just started weaning and become familiar with different types of food. weaning food. The digestive system is very easily absorbed by the baby.

Baby corn cereal is made from corn, so it depends on how it is processed for the baby. For older children, choose whole-grain flours with diverse ingredients that provide fiber and cereals to help them gain weight faster. Not to mention, thanks to the composition of weaning milk containing B1, it stimulates the baby to eat more deliciously and absorb nutrients more effectively.

Children should use

Mothers can choose according to the flavor of weaning powder: babies over 4 months can use rice and corn flavors, and mothers over 6 months can refer to the line of weaning powder.

Price: 160,000 VND/200g.

Hipp Multi-Purpose Fruit Milk

Mix flour.  (collected on the Internet)

Nutrient content

Hipp’s mixed fruit and cereal powder meets the needs of mothers. Therefore, the composition of this category includes: important trace elements such as vegetables, fruits, formula milk, rice flour, etc.

Especially popular are vegetables such as: peas, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots… As for fruits, ripe varieties are delicious and fragrant such as: bananas, apples, pears, peaches, plums, etc. apricots… …and vitamins including: vitamins A, C, D, E…

benefits for children

Thanks to the composition of cereals and fruits, this powdered milk provides babies with a rich source of fiber, which helps the digestive system work well, minimizing intestinal problems for babies and babies. Babies learn to walk during the weaning period.

In addition, without preservatives, providing essential nutrients thanks to the natural aroma of fruits, this weaning milk ensures that your baby receives a full source of nutrition right from the start, right from the time of weaning. Rich in fiber, vitamins A, C, D, E….

Children should use

Ridielac weaning milk.  (Image: Collection Network)

Baby food products for babies from 4 months and up.

Price: 127,000 VND/200g.

Ridielac baby milk powder

Nutrient content

Another type of weaning milk for babies at this stage is Ridielac, which has 2 popular flavors, sweet and salty, each with its own unique ingredients. over there:

  • Ridielac Gold Sweetened Milk includes: The main ingredients are rice or oats and powdered milk. There are also other essential trace elements. Supplement with beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium for better digestion.

  • Ridielac Gold Salty Milk includes 4 packs b: 1 pack of beef and vegetables, 1 pack of chicken and vegetables, 1 pack of eel carrots, green beans, 1 pack of pork carrots. This powdered milk is sweet, in addition to rice and vermicelli, powdered milk also has vegetables, beef, chicken, pork or eel depending on each person’s taste.

benefits for children

The main ingredient of this formula is milk powder, which is responsible for providing an energy source to help the baby function. The trace elements necessary for the human body are factors that promote the more comprehensive development of the baby’s intellect, skeletal system and muscles.

It is especially worth mentioning that this weaning milk also contains beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium to help improve the quality of the digestive system, support a healthy gut, and better absorb food.

Because this type of grandmother’s weaning has more flavors, mothers can refer to it and let their baby try it to feel the different flavors of the dish, helping the baby diversify his/her diet better. Many mothers consider this to be the best weaning milk for babies from 6 months and up.

children should use

According to the taste of baby powder, MSG is suitable for babies from 6-24 months old and salty powder is suitable for babies from 7-24 months old.

Price: 72,000 VND/200g.

Heinz milk powder

Heinz baby milk powder.  (Image: Collection Network)

Nutrient content

Main ingredients mainly include wheat flour (52%, rice, corn), vegetables (mainly broccoli, cauliflower, onion, spinach), maltodextrin, skimmed milk powder, palm oil, cheese ( 4%, contains milk).

In addition, natural flavors (with milk), milk protein, calcium carbonate, yeast extract benefit the digestive system. In particular, infant milk also contains trace elements, including essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B65, B, B12…

benefits for children

Your baby has a complete nutritional energy source thanks to the full composition of vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin, zinc sulfate, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B65, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folic acid. As a result, the baby’s immune system is very good and can effectively increase resistance.

The ingredients in this baby formula are very safe, thanks to the completely safe and strictly censored ingredients. In particular, this product does not contain preservatives, will not cause allergies and the nutritional ratio is moderate, so babies who have just started eating solids can use it for them. Especially when cooked, the dough is very soft, not lumpy, very good for the digestive system of this immature baby.

children should use

Currently, manufacturers divide into 3 large categories, including:

Price: 165,000 VND/box of 200g.

Nestle Cerelac baby milk powder

Nestle Cerelac baby milk powder.  (Image: Collection Network)

Nutrient content

pgddttramtau.edu.vn introduced to parents the Nestle Cerelac weaning powder, which includes essential micronutrients such as iron and vitamins A and C. Mainly, skim milk powder is safe for babies.

benefits for children

The ingredients in weaning milk provide DHA to help your baby’s brain development and health. The manufacturer applies exclusive CHE technology to create smoothness for the product, while reducing starch to help babies absorb and digest better.

Children should use

MSG and milk powder flavors are suitable for babies over 6 months old and MSG flavors are suitable for babies over 8 months.

Price: 57,000 VND – 69,000 VND / box of 200g

Marbu weaning powder

Nutrient content

The main ingredients are Japanese rice, glutinous rice, hachimi, lotus seeds, tapioca flour, selenium, mineral-rich sprout powder (calcium, iron, zinc fiber…). In addition, the product does not contain milk powder,

benefits for children

Using the right baby sackcloth powder can enhance immunity and resistance. As a result, the baby fully absorbs vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, fiber and other nutrients necessary for development and intelligence.

At the same time, baby formula milk is produced according to modern technological lines, meeting European standards to bring a safe product line, absolutely no preservatives are used. .

Children should use: Infants 4 months old

Price: 69,000 VND.

Friso Gold weaning powder

Cow's milk provides many nutrients for babies.  (Image: Collection Network)

Nutrient content

Ingredients: Skimmed Milk Powder, Rice Flour, Mixed Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Lactose, Vanilla Carob Gum (410), Maltodextrin, Vitamin Blend (C, E, A, etc.), Mineral Blend, etc. Benefits for children:

Babies after 6 months are 100% imported from the Netherlands to provide adequate nutrition and develop with complete peace of mind. Not to mention, with a clear origin and proven quality, mothers can use it right from the time the baby starts eating solids.

Especially when cooked, the powder is smooth, non-effervescent, easy to swallow, canned like milk powder, simple to store, easier and more convenient.

Baby items should be used: 6 months old

Price: 132,000 VND.

Metacare weaning powder

Nutrient content

Nutricare Vietnam’s products use natural ingredients such as vegetables, meat, fish, and are supplemented with 26 types of vitamins and nutrients necessary for the baby’s development. It is mainly composed of cereals, milk powder, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.

benefits for children

Made with plant-based ingredients, this powder is gentle on the digestive system of babies just starting to wean. Infant formula is rich in fiber that helps your baby digest better.

Children should use

There are 2 types to choose from:

  • Sweet baby powder for babies from 6-24 months, comes in 2 flavors: oatmeal and milk powder.

  • Salty baby food powder for babies from 7-24 months old and up.

Price: 57,000 – 60,000 VND/box of 200g.

Vinlac weaning powder

Vinlac weaning powder.  (Image: Collection Network)

Nutrient content

Contains 12 essential minerals and 13 vitamins.

benefits for children

Vinlac weaning powder for children 6 months and older not only provides energy but also helps strengthen the child’s immune system and digestive system. Parents can refer to it for safe and convenient use by their children.

Children should use

The manufacturer recommends this product for children 6 months and older


Currently on the market there are 2 types of Vinlac weaning milk including:

  • Vinlac MSG has 2 flavors: Milk Oatmeal and Milk Rice, priced at VND 185,000/box of 300g

  • Salty snack powder is priced at 195,000 VND/box of 300 grams, with many different flavors for mom to choose from.

Tips for choosing infant formula

Experience choosing solid foods for babies.  (Image: Collection Network)

Choose powdered milk with clear origin and famous brand

Many famous brands in the market are chosen by breastfeeding mothers to become the first standard for parents to refer to. The types of weaning grandmothers of major brands are genuine, affordable, ingredients and production processes are strictly tested, so it is very safe for babies. These brands include: Hipp, Gerber, RiDielac, Heinz…

Provide a full range of nutrients: vitamins A, B, C, K; minerals calcium, zinc, magnesium; Typical amino acids such as lysine…

Ingredients are the next factor parents need to know when choosing to buy baby formula. Important nutrients that help your baby gain weight and become smarter should be on the ingredient list of infant formula.

Prioritize fiber-rich milk powders to support good digestion

In addition to milk, when your baby starts to eat solid food and gets used to powdered milk and condensed milk, you should choose foods with high fiber to support the digestive process of the stomach and intestines for better absorption.

Not to mention, this will help your baby minimize diarrhea, bloating, constipation and other intestinal disorders that are common in babies and young children.

Choose formula that tastes like breast milk

Breast milk is always considered the only food that the baby can fully absorb and is a source of essential nutrients for the development of the baby. Therefore, it is best for parents to choose formula milk that tastes similar to breast milk so that the baby feels familiar, easy to eat and easier to cooperate when eating solids.

Make sure the milk powder has good smoothness

When children are just starting to use solids or complementary foods, because they are young, most children do not have teeth, so chewing and swallowing are not yet proficient. Ideally, parents should choose to buy products that are smooth, clump-free, and clump-free to make it easier for babies to eat and swallow.

See also: How to make a Meal Meal for an 11-month-old baby

That’s why pgddttramtau.edu.vn shares with parents the top 10 best imported baby formula on the market today. Hopefully, the above article can help parents refer to the suitable weaning powder lines for their babies, help them gain weight evenly during the weaning period, be smarter and healthier.

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