Tiếng Việt lớp 4 học những gì? Làm sao giúp bé học tập đạt kết quả tốt?

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Vietnamese grade 4 will include a lot of old knowledge from the lower grades, as well as many difficult new ones. Therefore, in order to learn Vietnamese in grade 4 effectively, parents should refer to the experiences shared in the following article.

What will the children learn in grade 4 Vietnamese?

Vietnamese grade 4 is called one of the lesson plans that inherit the content of grades 1, 2, 3 below and update many new forms of knowledge for children to get used to.

In addition, according to the plan, the subject has a total length of 35 weeks, with weekly lessons on reading, spelling, storytelling, word and sentence practice, and writing practice.

over there:

  • Practice words and sentences: The lesson takes up the most time because it includes a lot of new knowledge about Vietnamese grammar such as: word structure, sentence structure, language structure, simple words, complex words, type words, punctuation marks. sentence. Sentences, word meanings, pronouns and word relations.
  • Storytelling: Children will learn and practice how to tell stories they are heard and read more expressively.
  • Reading section: Will include short articles related to people, landscapes, nature, animals and topics close to life, helping children improve reading skills, increase vocabulary and develop feelings through effective reading.
  • Spelling: Children will be heard, read and rewritten to ensure correct spelling and grammar.
  • Writing practice: Instruct children to write down pieces of their own lives, or express their feelings through a reading passage.

Teaching grade 4 children to learn Vietnamese at home, what do parents need to prepare?

For the Vietnamese knowledge section in the 4th grade program, there are often some difficult knowledge, so they have difficulty in doing the test. Therefore, to help children learn these knowledge well, parents need to have the following factors:

Parents should be prepared with the tools and knowledge to support their child's learning.  (Photo: Baby pgddttramtau.edu.vn)

Learn about teaching methods according to the new educational program

Different from the traditional way of imparting knowledge, the current teaching trend is more about developing children’s capacity and thinking, so parents need to learn to determine the appropriate teaching method, especially for young children.

Understanding the Priorities of Supporting Vietnamese Teaching for Grade 4 Students

In addition to learning at school, children cannot be forced to learn from scratch with what they have learned.

Therefore, parents need to understand where their children are weak to have free time and plan to support their children to consolidate knowledge more effectively.

Ready tools to help you learn Vietnamese well in grade 4

To help children learn Vietnamese at home effectively, parents should prepare auxiliary tools such as books, notebooks, electronic devices, etc. These are auxiliary tools to help children learn Vietnamese in a useful way and more effective.

Among them, the books that parents need to prepare are: Vietnamese Level 4 Textbooks, Reference Books, Advanced Vietnamese Level 4 Books, Level 4 Vietnamese Workbooks… These books will be more effective support for parents and children in the teaching process.

Prepare Vietnamese teaching methods suitable to your child’s ability

Currently, many parents often only teach their children to learn from textbooks and force their children to complete the assignments assigned by the teacher. But this way of learning is relatively passive, over time will form habits, affecting children’s thinking and development.

Therefore, you need to prepare a variety of teaching methods in accordance with the child’s ability to create interest and absorb knowledge effectively. Please refer to the following sections.

Tips to learn 4th grade Vietnamese at home for free

Having a suitable teaching method is very important to help children learn to understand and have fun learning. So, here are some tips to help 4th graders learn Vietnamese more effectively:

Take each lesson with your child without jumping

In the process of educating their children, many parents often do not follow the learning sequence but let children learn to leap to new knowledge when the child has not mastered the old knowledge. This will prevent your child from keeping up and the transmission of knowledge will be reduced.

Instead, you should find out what your child has learned, and then reinforce and review those knowledge together so that he or she firmly grasps it before moving on to new knowledge.

Make sure the learning process goes on continuously, without stopping.  (Image: Network Collection)

Train children’s attention in class when learning Vietnamese in grade 4

In order to help children learn Vietnamese at home more effectively, during the learning process, children should pay attention to listen to the teacher’s teaching, promptly ask questions if they do not understand, and avoid knowledge drift.

At home, parents should ask their children what they learned today, what knowledge they have difficulty with, the part they like the most… This not only helps to strengthen family ties, but also lets parents know. that their children are learning, just like they are at school.

In addition, you can also contact the teacher to see the level of listening and attention of the child during the lesson, thereby suggesting the most suitable teaching method for the child.

Teach your baby to read and write Lots of writing exercises

Reading and writing are considered two important subjects in the 4th grade Vietnamese curriculum that children will learn.

Therefore, regular practice of these two knowledge points can help you effectively improve your reading and thinking skills in the test.

Just like regular writing practice, children hone their spelling skills, sharpen their thinking, creativity, and emotional development.

Children learn Vietnamese through mind maps

Mind mapping is one of the most effective ways to train children’s memory and thinking ability. Here, starting from a main topic, like branches, it is divided into many sub-topics, so that when learning a main knowledge, you can grasp the sub-content and memorize it effectively.

Learning Vietnamese based on mind maps is very effective.  (Photo: Clevai)

Therefore, parents can apply mind maps to support their children to learn Vietnamese in grade 4. Especially in the process of drawing mind maps, parents should guide their children and let them promote their creativity. me. Creativity according to children’s interests and ideas helps children achieve better results in the process of learning and remembering.

Help your baby take care and understand vocabulary to better support learning Vietnamese

The fact that children have a lot of vocabulary will ensure the process of learning Vietnamese, especially in grade 4, will be better.

To help children interest and understand vocabulary, parents can equip children with basic knowledge related to vocabulary. Learn about family, animals, landscapes, gadgets through books, television, newspapers, pictures and most importantly, real-life experiences.

Regularly familiarizing yourself with more words and images will strengthen your memory and allow you to better stick to your study plan.

Let your child experience the game when teaching 4th grade Vietnamese

To stimulate children’s interest in the learning process, parents can organize games related to the subject they are studying, combine reading exercises, story-telling… with clear rules, rewards and punishments. make children more motivated. .

Use a learning-by-play approach to increase productivity.  (Image: Network Collection)

Restricting children from copying sample essays when learning Vietnamese

Using reference books is also the method used when learning Vietnamese or any other subject. But to help children’s learning process take place more actively and creatively, parents should limit their children’s viewing or copying of sample texts to “beat” the test.

Instead, parents should control this, limit children to see reference books, encourage children to think independently when writing and solving all problems. Thus, children will learn more actively.

Be calm and patient with children when teaching 4th grade Vietnamese

For 4th graders, this is often a distraction and makes it difficult for many parents to teach their children to learn quickly and remember well.

Therefore, in all cases, parents should calmly, patiently and considerately teach their children to learn. Sometimes the child does not understand the lesson, but you have to explain and guide him slowly so that he is more comfortable and receptive instead of scolding.

The process of raising children requires patience and cannot be rushed.  (Photo: Kynaforkids)

Children need to study hard, especially self-study

This is one of the important factors in learning Vietnamese in grade 4 or any subject. Parents should ask their children to study hard, study hard so that their children can better absorb knowledge.

Next is the spirit of self-study, instead of always having parents accompany, which can help children become independent from an early age and solve problems on their own more effectively.

Practice Correct Pronunciation When Learning Vietnamese

In the 4th grade Vietnamese course, in addition to reading comprehension knowledge, there are also grade 4 spelling exercises. Therefore, standard pronunciation is essential to help children learn this subject well.

Because if a child mispronounces, it also means that the child reads the lesson wrong, hears it wrong, writes the wrong word, which leads to reduced learning efficiency.

Therefore, parents should support their children to learn correct pronunciation from the beginning, practice reading and telling stories every day, and help them correct frequently mispronounced words in the most effective way.

Pronunciation exercises will give you a good foundation to learn Vietnamese.  (Image: Network Collection)

Cultivate the habit of reading for children from an early age

We all know that reading is a good foundation to learn Vietnamese more effectively. Therefore, parents should create conditions for children to learn to read and love reading from a young age.

As a result, they help children increase their vocabulary, cultivate emotions, improve their reading and writing skills with better results.

Summary of some effective 4th grade online Vietnamese learning apps

To help the process of learning Vietnamese, especially grade 4, achieve the best results, parents can let their children learn Grade 4 Vietnamese online with a companion app.

In particular, this solution will be perfect for parents who do not have much time to raise their children, do not have the ability to teach or worry about not having enough knowledge to teach their children.

Every lesson is every hour of Vmonkey's fun.  (Photo: Baby pgddttramtau.edu.vn)

Understanding this, currently on the market there are many applications to teach Vietnamese for preschool children such as Vmonkey, Vkids, Learn ABC letters, etc.

In particular, Vmonkey is one of the number 1 online Vietnamese teaching applications in Vietnam, trusted by millions of parents for their children from preschool to elementary school.

The highlight of Vmonkey is to support children to learn Vietnamese through thousands of comic books, audiobooks with many levels of lessons from easy to difficult for all ages,…

At the same time, after each lesson, there will be more interactive games for children to have fun, learn effectively, and absorb knowledge more effectively.

Ensure that after learning with Vmonkey, children will equip them with rhyming skills, pronunciation, reading practice, spelling improvement, emotional development to support writing or performing work effectively. . Lots of 4th grade Vietnamese practice questions.

Some Do’s And Don’ts When Helping Children Learn Vietnamese Grade 4 Effectively

To help children learn Vietnamese effectively, parents need to pay attention to the following issues:

Creating comfort for the baby is very important in the learning process.  (Image: Network Collection)

  • Parents need to accompany their children: to be able to share difficult exercises with their children, grasp their children’s learning ability and offer appropriate learning methods.
  • Regularly check your child’s work: Through this, you can understand your child’s learning ability at school, thereby coordinating with teachers to support and consolidate their weak knowledge.
  • Talk to your child: Talking to your child regularly will develop storytelling, mood and vocabulary, helping your child learn better every day.
  • Do not put pressure on children to study: Each child has different learning abilities, but parents who always impose learning on their children easily make children afraid of learning and the effect is not good, so please create a comfortable psychology for children.

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get the conclusion

Above are the things you need to know about 4th grade Vietnamese along with tips to help your child learn Vietnamese effectively. Hopefully, through the above sharing, parents can accompany and support their children on the way to conquer Vietnamese and achieve the best results. Good luck.

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